Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yay! Christmas Break is here!

        Happy Christmas Break everyone! J Finals are over and students are finally getting to sleep after numerous hours of studying, which hopefully helped with their final grades. I hope everyone had a wonderful semester! There are many things to do during Christmas break. Many International Students are traveling all over the world. This time is usually spent with ones close friends and family. Without the stress of school and tests, students are really able to enjoy themselves during this month long break. So, spend time with those you love and do not stress about school, it is not even here yet. Enjoy your Christmas Break! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014


     Finals, something most college students are not prepared for ahead of time. Things start to get crazy and students start worrying because they are not sure whether they will pass their classes or not. Finals week is a stressful week for most college students. They live off of coffee and no sleep. One good thing is that there are “quiet hours” around campus where students have to be quiet and respect others around them that may be studying. Some students have up to six tests during finals week, which can be very stressful and overwhelming. Students need to remember to take breaks between studying and do something to take their minds off of things for a little while. Relaxing between studying is something that students really need to remember to do. So, good luck to everyone on their finals. I wish you the best. J

Friday, November 21, 2014

Language Tables

Language Table is an event taking place during International Education Week. The event usually take place at the Campus Center Fireplace for one hour. In that one hour, students around campus can learn six different languages. These languages include Hmong, Vietnamese, French, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish. Approximately in 10 minutes, students will learn one language, then in the next 10 minute they will switch to a different group to learn another language. It is a great event to enjoy and hang out to make a friend and learn a new language. Come and join the Language Tables at the Campus Center Fireplace!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


          International Festival is something that takes place on campus, either outside or in the Reynolds Room, once every school year. This is a festival for anyone who wants to participate. Tables from all different countries are set up in a room and people from those countries tell others about their country. A few of the UAFS students performed dances and songs from their countries. This festival lasts for about 3 hours. Also, the first 100 people to show up get a free t-shirt. I know how much college students love t-shirts, and free stuff. This is a wonderful experience for other students to learn about different countries and what people do that are from those countries. This was my first experience with iFest and I really enjoyed it.

Black Friday Shopping!

       SHOPPING! Who doesn’t love shopping? Black Friday is a day that everybody goes shopping for Christmas presents and things that are on sale. Many people will stay awake all night shopping. Some people get mean and crazy when someone else takes the thing that they want to buy. Some families make it a tradition to go Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night. I went Black Friday shopping for the first time last year with my International buddies. It was so fun. I think that my International buddies really enjoyed it too because it was also their first time going Black Friday shopping. If you’ve never been, you should definitely go this year. :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Day

In a few more weeks, it will be Thanksgiving Day. During Thanksgiving Day, many people gather together to eat delicious food together. Food that are commonly served during Thanksgiving Day is pecan pies, pumpkin pie, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry pie, vegetables, biscuits with gravy, and turkey or ham. Thanksgiving is a national holiday for all American families that have started ever since the Pilgrims have settle in the United States. It is known to be a big feast where both the Native Americans and Pilgrims join together for dinner. This holiday is usually a day where many families express how thankful for the things that they have receive in their life. Join families across the United States in this delightful holiday!

Friday, November 7, 2014

International Festival

International Festival is a great time to enjoy some food from different parts of the world as well as entertainment. This is a great way for international students to not only learn about the American culture, but also the diversity of cultures in the United States. Many students will get to see different kinds of clothing from around the world and learn about different kinds of cultures and languages. This is usually a really fun event with over 500 attendees. There are more fun events to do and many more things to see. Do not miss out on the International Festival. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Be Stress Free :)

          Don’t stress out. As the semester is coming to a close, many students become overwhelmed with the amount of homework and tests they have to do and study for. We need to take things slow and take it day by day. We do not need to worry and stress out about things that are in the future. Procrastination gets the best of us though, we wait until the last minute to do things and that is not good either. We, as students, need to find a happy medium. We do not need to be so worried about things in the future, but we also do not want to put off things until the very last minute. So, do not stress. Study and do your best. J

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Carving!

          Did you know that pumpkins in America and pumpkins in Asia are not the same things? Around the end of October, Halloween, and the beginning of November people begin to carve pumpkins in America. In America, pumpkins are big, round, and orange. They whole season of fall revolves around leaves and pumpkins here in America. In Asia, Kabocha are considered pumpkins and are not as popular as the American pumpkin is here. In America many families gather together to carve pumpkins. Once a pumpkin has been carved, it then become a thing called a Jack-O-Lantern. Jack-O-Lanterns are mainly associated with Halloween because families put them outside when people come to go trick or treating. Today, October 30, 2014, the Office of International Relations is hosting a pumpkin carving event where all students can come and carve pumpkins together. I am excited because I have never carved a pumpkin before. I think that it will be fun!

Homecoming Bonfires

Every year for Homecoming, we have many events to do that on that week. One of the most enjoyed events would be the Homecoming Bonfires. During that time, students would get together around a bonfire, a celebration of where many people surrounds this fire in the middle, and just make s’mores and talk about campus life. Many students including student organizations on campus come together and do cheer stunts and just have a great time with each other. Not only are they enjoy the night with s’mores, but also fireworks are used to accompany the students during that night. It is one of the best time to make new friends and just get to know people. It is a great way to know about organizations on campus and just have a great time. I would totally recommend that all international students get to experience this event at least once in their life.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Socktober is an event hosted on UAFS campus to collect new socks with students in elementary who needs socks for the winter. For the month of October, international students will be paired up with their American buddies and another group of students to collect new socks. The team with the most socks will receive a prize from the Office of International Relations. This event was inspired by  Kid President as he challenge many communities and schools around the world to collect new socks. There are many school and facilities from all over the world that are participating this event by collecting new socks for those who are in need of socks. Take this as a opportunity to better your community and make a change in the world.

Friday, October 17, 2014


                During orientation week, you will receive what we call a Traditionkeeper book. In that book, there are many activities that you should attend. When you attend that event or engage with those activities, you will have to take a picture or have some kind of proof that you have attend the event. If you are a international student you only need to attend 15 total events. However, if you are a student who will be here for four years, you will have to attend 26 total events. Once you have attend all those events, return this book to the Student Alumni Association for cords for your graduation. These cords represent that you have made your college years the best of the best. It will look really good on your college degree and many companies are going to hire you because you believe that you are a person with a lot of experience. Therefore, take this opportunity and make it the best that you can. Be a traditionkeeper today!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kimono Fun!

        On Friday October 10th, I got to be part of the Fall Festival that the Cavanaugh Elementary school here in Fort Smith hosts for their students and the families of the students. While there, I got to dress up in a kimono along with two of the Japanese Ace students. It was a wonderful experience. Eight International students taught Calligraphy and Origami to many Cavanaugh Elementary School students. I believe that this was a great experience for the Japanese students, as well as the Elementary School students. The Ace Program girls went, and I do think that they really enjoyed getting to interact with all of the students. It was a great experience for all that went.